Ngäbe Hat Workshop

During this ethno-botanical tour you will  learn to make traditional Ngäbe hats with Panama hat masters.  The workshop is offered by Felipe in the Altamira community and by Ramon in the Vista del Mar community, both in the Conte Burica Indigenous Territory.  During this 1/2 day tour you will observe the process of making a hat from local materials; from harvesting the palm leaves, to extracting, dying and weaving the fiber, and finally assembly of the finished hat!  The Altamira community is the most accessible community in the Indigenous Territory to downtown Pavones and the Vista del Mar community is the most accessible to the village of Punta Banco .   A two hour hike on a well maintained public road takes you to Altamira, which translates to "high view" due to it's breathtaking ocean views in the mountains!  During the rainy season (July-December) you can also visit a beautiful waterfall on this Altamira trip. The Vista del Mar  workshop site is also easily accessible by a well maintained public road with a short hike into the jungle to reach the home site of Ramon.   If you're not up for the hike we can arrange a taxi or a horseback trip for you!  


$40 per person includes facilitation by Pavones Ecotour's founder.

Group rates depend on the number of people. 


Traditional lunch- $6 per person

4x4 taxi- $40

Horseback trip- $40 per person

what   to  bring

Camera, bug spray, sunscreen, extra cash for souvenir shopping

Waterfall: water sandals, bathing suit, towel

Horseback: long pants, boots or sneakers